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Doug Wing

Entrepreneur | Consultant | Speaker | Author

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#1 Amazon Best-Seller

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A POWERFUL STORY OF SELF-DISCOVERY and how we grow by learning from others. Spencer Ward inherited the family business of outdoor camping equipment from his father. But Spencer cut corners and neglected his own family just to make more money, no matter the cost. To him the bottom line was the only thing that mattered. And that was not who he really wanted to be.

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Praise & Reveiws

 #1 Amazon Best-Seller

Giant Success is an American business success story. In this book, you'll learn how one man combined vision, innovation and a "do whatever it takes" attitude to create a whole new product category and build it to iconic brand status.

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If you're ready to become a giant success, read, absorb, and use the principles and philosophies in these books to take you to any heights you desire.

Mark Victor Hansen

New York Times Best Selling Author 

The Chicken Soup For The Soul series


About Doug Wing

Doug began working at Little Giant building ladders when he was just 10 years old. Growing up with Hal as a father gave Doug a foundation of faith, persistence, service and a love of all things fast, of course. He used that foundation to help build the brand and lead the sales team at Little Giant until he retired from the company in 2019. Today, Doug carries on the legacy of Hal in his service to his church, his charity work and in his business ventures.

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“In the course of my banking career, I was fortunate to have several conversations with Hal Wing.  This plain-spoken, energetic, and driven individual personified the American Dream. His leadership principles and business strategies were built on the foundation of loyalty, fairness, ingenuity, and respect for employees and customers.  I am pleased that Hal’s son, my friend Doug Wing, has captured these qualities and Hal’s vision in this book to share with others on their journey.  I own several Little Giant products and can assure you that they, like the Wing Family, have no equal.”

Kirk Clausen


Wells Fargo Bank Nevada

“Hal Wing’s life is an example of the grit and determination that makes Utah businesses thrive. Despite challenges and setbacks early in his career, Hal never gave up. He had a vision that created one of Utah’s most successful businesses. His never-ending energy and ironclad integrity demonstrate how to lead despite the obstacles.”

Gary Herbert

Former Governor of Utah

2009 - 2021

Once I started reading, I could not put it down. Great work of love putting Hal's life and traits into print. It brought back so many fond memories of him and the "Little Giant Family."


I feel blessed to have known/worked for Hal and to know your family.

Jerry Jessen

Former Longtime Employee

Little Giant Ladders

“Many try, and few can be considered successful in their quest for human connectivity and business success.


Go on this fantastic journey with Doug Wing to discover his father, Hal Wing, the founder of Little Giant Ladders. Learn about and better understand the man behind the success and the everlasting legacy Hal Wing has left behind.


From humble beginnings to creating a successful international company – at a very young age, Hal Wing started with a vision grounded with sustainable principles, respect for all human beings, a hard work ethic, empathy for those in need, and knowing an opportunity when he saw one. You will learn the principles behind the man and the man behind the principles.

Tom Mabey


Eclipse Tech LLC & Sahara, Inc.

Your dad changed my life 15 years ago. I was at BYU and thought I was going to be a seminary teacher but was completely taken off that path when I realized that wasn't what I was supposed to do with my life.

I was asked on a date to attend a BYU entrepreneur award dinner. Your dad was being honored. At the time, I thought business was the last thing I wanted to do -- that's what "selfish people" did. Towards the end of the night, your dad was given the award for entrepreneur of the year. He got up and began his speech, "I am glad I made a lot of money..." and I thought to myself, another data point validating my assumptions.

But what he said next both floored and inspired me "...because I have been able to help so many people." He then went out on to categorically and specifically name groups of people and individuals, respectfully, that benefitted from Little Giant Ladders and other business he has done.


Right as he said that I thought -- that's exactly what I want to do. I want to change people's lives as Hal has done.

Since then, I have founded multiple companies, seen a few exits (and failures), and most importantly have been able to help others do and become more. I'm grateful for your father. I never took the time to thank him, so I want to pass my gratitude on to you. Your father made a marked difference in my life and changed my trajectory. Because of him, I feel like I am doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing. 



Caleb Manscill



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